Using hpasmcli for HP servers

HP comes with their server utility scripts called hpssacli and hpacucli. These tools allow you to view and modify your hardware configuration on the server. The hpacucli is the older implementation of the toolkit, but the syntax is pretty similar.

HP tools information

To show the firmware version, run:

[[email protected] ~]# hpasmcli -s "show server"

If you want to see extended information, run:

[[email protected] ~]# hpssacli controller all show config detail

General information

To view information regarding the server model, cpu, type, memory, etc, run:

[[email protected] ~]# hpasmcli -s "show server"

Hardware Health

If you want to view the health of the system and chassis components, run:

[[email protected] ~]# hpasmcli -s "show server"

The chassis can also only return specific components, such as:

[[email protected] ~]# hpasmcli -s "show powersupply"
[[email protected] ~]# hpasmcli -s "show dimm"
[[email protected] ~]# hpasmcli -s "show fans"
[[email protected] ~]# hpasmcli -s "show temp"

Storage health

To view the physical and virtual disks on the server:

[[email protected] ~]# hpssacli ctrl all show config
[[email protected] ~]# hpssacli controller slot=3 physicaldrive all show
[[email protected] ~]# hpssacli controller slot=3 physicaldrive 2I:1:5 show detail
[[email protected] ~]# hpssacli controller slot=3 logicaldrive all show

On older HP servers, you can view the physical and virtual disks on the server by:

[[email protected] ~]# hpacucli controller slot=1 physicaldrive all show
[[email protected] ~]# hpacucli controller slot=1 physicaldrive 2I:1:5 show detail
[[email protected] ~]# hpacucli controller slot=1 logicaldrive all show

To see the storage battery status:

[[email protected] ~]# hpssacli controller all show detail | egrep -i 'battery\/|controller\ status|cache\ status'
   Controller Status: OK
   Cache Status: OK
   Battery/Capacitor Count: 1
   Battery/Capacitor Status: OK

Hardware logs

To display the hardware logs:

[[email protected] ~]# hpasmcli -s "show iml"

If you need to clear the hardware logs:

[[email protected] ~]# hpasmcli -s "clear iml"

CPU actions

To see if hyperthreading is enabled on the CPUs:

[[email protected] ~]# hpasmcli -s "show ht"

If you wanted to change the hyperthreading settings:

# Enable
[[email protected] ~]# hpasmcli -s "enable ht"

# Disable
[[email protected] ~]# hpasmcli -s "disable ht"